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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shubham Verma
O God, please bless me so that the
sweetness in my life remains intact
despite rises and falls; youth and old
age, sickness etc. Let the sweetness
in life remain firm. Whether the wealth
gets snatched away or it may come in
a big way, my life should stay sweet
for me and for all others. If I get the
wealth it should not make me brute,
and, if it is taken away I may not start
weeping and feel depressed. Let me
not say in front of the world that there
is no one else more unfortunate than
myself. Under all circumstances the
sweetness in life should be
maintained. Let there be such a
richness resting within me that with
the coming and going of anything the
richness, greatness and royalty within
me should not disappear