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Monday, January 2, 2012

Guruji's New Year message - Change your life from...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sumiti Gupta

1 January 21:21
Guruji's New Year message - Change your life from now own// start with self management now!
No one will come to your aid but you have to help yourself. Be your own friend// From today onward:
1. start time management - prioritize your daily activities
2. Focus on your health - cardio workout, yogasan for flexibility, pranayam for better immunity. Learn meditation for spiritual progress.
2-3 hours daily for your own health. If you do this you will never need a doctor. So be healthy and live longer!
3. Eat Healthy food and drink plenty of water!
4. Stay active and never be lazy. Force yourself into self-discipline.
5. Discipline yourself! Regulate your life. Proper planning of all activities.
6. Nothing in life is easy. Love challenges and prepare yourself for them. Everything seems hard initially but will get easier with practice. Nothing is impossible in life.
7. Self introspection is important. Sit quietly and think about your faults. How can you improve yourself?
8. Be enthusiastic and motivated and energetic all the time. Get motivation from Guruvani, satsang, bhajans.
9. Seek blessings all the time by praying, doing good deeds, serving others and more.

Follow these tips and make your new year a new and better life altogether.
Forget the old and bring change in lif